Linkages to Policy, Programs & Practice

We at The Harris Allen Group also specialize – and in fact delight – in bringing the data and results back full circle to the originating questions and objectives of the client. Not only do the problems and issues that led the project to be undertaken in the first place need to be taken into account. Often, an incisive "feel" for your organization's position in the market and the direction of the market is needed to best determine how the data can be applied.

In most instances, the challenge is to synthesize multiple streams of testing results into a coherent interpretation that takes the data as far as they can go without "over-reaching" them. Our team's personnel are among the field's most seasoned at being able to make the desired and necessary linkages in this fashion. Our blend of rigor and market savvy leaves us uniquely well positioned to determine the applicability of the results for the policies, programs and practices of our clients.