Communicating to Multiple Audiences

Our typical menu of deliverables include written and verbal communications to a variety of audiences: executive summaries for senior management; technical reports for researchers and analytic personnel; succinct and easy-to-read graphs and figures; presentations to senior management and clinical operations personnel; and "in plain English" brochures for employees and other lay audiences.

Often, the objective is to deliver much the same message, but with a focus, breadth and level of detail that is appropriate to each audience. Our track record includes numerous engagements with several Communicatinginstances of reporting across this spectrum. We warm to the task of delivering what our clients need to know about our methods and results in formats that their diverse audiences expect.

The typical engagement culminates -- with the client's permission -- in one or more publications and presentations to external audiences. For publications, we usually opt for two outlets for presenting methods and results: first, the peer-reviewed literature, then the pertinent industry or trade journal or magazine. As for presentations, we are equally comfortable with pitching the results to various marketing venues of your choosing, as well as to professional conferences and other collegial settings.

Such items can be (and are) readily positioned to either include the name of the client or to maintain client anonymity, depending on your preference. The important thing is that the work be sound, rigorous and defensible -- characteristics that we strive for in all of our work.