Intervention Development & Implementation

At the Harris Allen Group, we proceed from the premise that there is much that our clients can do in the immediate and near term to promote value and sustainability of their organizational relationship to health and health care, both within their organization and, often, in their interface with other stakeholder groups in the health care space.   For example, employers can institute new educational programs, make ergonomic worksite improvements, and implement disease management initiatives that promote patients/physician linkages.  They need not wait for clinical trials to grind through to conclusion to make substantive and important contributions.

When promoting attitudinal and/or behavioral change is the objective, the Harris Allen Group specializes in techniques that sort individuals into those for whom intervention will be helpful versus not in ways that foster participation while preserving confidentiality.

Intervention DevelopmentWe work either to formulate and implement "home-grown" programs or to coordinate with the behavior change management programs of health plan(s) or other vendors. We strive to determine how to best coax the desired changes in light of project resources and budget. And, we construct evaluations that will deliver credible answers to the key questions such as to what extent has change been achieved and why.

Rapid advances are now taking place in the field of attitude and behavior change management to address these and related issues, and members of our team are among the field's leaders. Their experience includes development and implementation of educational and case management strategies targeting a wide variety of medical conditions in numerous corporate settings.

With each new engagement, the field – and our team -- is gaining a clearer understanding of what does and does not work. To return again to the purchaser sector as an example, the disease states of employees, their personal characteristics (e.g., motivation and information levels), their job types, and their industry type are all factors that determine program outcome. We at the Harris Allen Group relish the challenge of matching these factors with the right program and approach and working with our clients to maximize the return on their investment.