Evaluation & Interpretation

The Harris Allen Group offers a range of statistical, database management, analytic and statistical skills and expertise that are needed to transform the data into the information required to answer the questions at hand.

Evaluation & InterpretationA key early step in the sequence is the development of integrated databases that merge data at the individual level from the various sources (both self-report and administrative) that can be brought "to the table." This exercise has its own hurdles and often requires the well-honed skills at database construction and management that we can provide.

Inevitably, however, it is not enough to develop these databases. The additional steps required invariably consist of the development and execution of statistical analyses, predictive modeling, and hypothesis testing. Theyinclude expertise at triangulation of test results across different sources of data and conducting comparisons with normative databases. They also include interpreting the results in ways that are "true" to and do not over-reach the data.

Our team includes leading social scientists, statisticians, and researchers in both private sector and academic settings that can deliver this expertise. We have the knowledge, insight and experience to deliver well-reasoned and credible answers in light of the data and results.