Project Design & Coordination

The Harris Allen Group brings a repertoire of state-of the-art tools and techniques for measurement and management to each engagement. But collaborating with you to develop the Project Design & Coordinationscope and specifics of a project that draws from this repertoire is just the starting point. We work carefully to design the project to make full use of these tools where feasible while crafting new tools and approaches as the situation dictates. And we tailor our efforts to work within the parameters of the budget and resources available.

The approach we develop for your engagement will require components that measure, that manage, or both. Whatever the case, they will be rolled out in designs that are cross-sectional, pre-post, longitudinal, or some combination thereof. And they will be geared toward the urgent questions at hand, which will vary depending on the experiences your organization has had in this area.

Say you are at the very initial stages and are deciding whether to take action. If so, then our project will be designed to answer questions like:

  • Is the health of your employees affecting their productivity?
  • What factors are most affecting their health and productivity?
  • Does it make business sense for you to take action to improve things?

Or, perhaps you are gearing up to take action. We would then focus on questions like:

  • What is the strategy that maximizes your chances for success?
  • How can the available resources be combined with the state-of-the-art in change management to form the program that best reflects this strategy?
  • What steps will assure a sufficiently rigorous and credible evaluation?

Or, say you have decided to take action and you want to measure the impact. Then, the design will be oriented toward questions like:

  • How will you know if your program has made a difference – if it has indeed improved employee health and productivity?
  • How does its return on investment compare with other investments your company has made in human resource capital?