Measurement Development & Implementation

 The measurement repertoire that the Harris Allen Group brings to each engagement consists of proven sets of survey items and instruments, administrative data protocols, analytic programs, and reporting approaches. It also includes numerous databases accumulated across 17+ years of research engagements with employers, health plans, and state agencies.

Measurement DevelopmentThe usefulness of these tools and techniques has been perfected with each application. Invariably, they require some customization, for each client and each setting are different. Our forte is efficiently achieving this customization while maintaining – if not improving -- their scientific integrity with each application.

Often we find that our clients have existing administrative databases focusing on absenteeism, health and disability claims and the like. What they do not have is an infrastructure that combines these databases into an integrated, readily accessible information asset for answering the questions at hand.

Moreover, they often have had little experience with surveying their employees. Or, what experiences they have had fall far short of what is possible in terms of utilizing the recent advances in the science of self-report to elicit from employees the data that the latter can uniquely bring to bear on the problem.

The Harris Allen Group specializes in fashioning and collecting new sources of primary data and merging them with existing datasets to form integrated databases. The drivers of the specifications for these databases are the data prerequisites for the engagement: What information is needed to best answer your questions? What are the available databases and sources that can be tapped to provide this information? What additional information needs to be obtained and how can it be most eficiently and credibly gathered?