The questions may be the same
but the viewpoint
is uniquely different.

About the Harris Allen Group

The Harris Allen Group
will give you
a new perspective on the
 your organization's    Value/Sustainability challenge.


About The Harris Allen Group!

Harris Allen Group, LLC has developed a repertoire of scientific approaches for measuring and managing a wide variety of issues related to  health, health care, productivity and safety.

In consultation with you, we develop and convert integrated databases into rich new organizational assets – ones that we will interpret to effectively inform and guide your decision-making. We also support existing programs and initiatives or, if you prefer, help you and your vendors develop and roll out new initiatives for fostering organizational objectives.

Our innovative approaches have helped validate assumptions and identify new options for some very traditional organizational entities. They enable a unique view on difficult issues and allow complex decisions to be made with confidence. After all, you want to be taking the right, budget-minded steps to promote the value realized by your organization from the steps you take as well as be assured of their impact on sustainability of health care as a system resource. And, you want to know whether and how much these steps are in fact serving these objectives.

Our specialized team includes savvy experts from health care, business consulting and the science community. You tap a network of accomplished social scientists, clinicians, policy experts, and advisors well-grounded in rich scientific tradition. At the same time, our associates have an artist's eye for creating and providing new customized tools, programs and services.

We are headquartered in the Druid Hills area of Atlanta, GA amid the unique configuration of nearby organizations and resources including the Centers for Disease Control, Emory University, and the Carter Center. This location speaks to our rich and diverse training, experience and approach, although our people have served years in locations around the country.

And our international track record since 1997 for our varied clients speaks for itself. We have served Fortune 500 companies, employer coalitions, federal and state agencies, major pharmaceutical companies, health plans, provider groups and specialty vendor groups. Please read the case studies drawn from our past work to find out more about some of our successes.